I took my best friend out for birthday lunch to a hipster, organic eatery around the corner. I love this particular food place for their yummy vegetarian-friendly meals. Last time I ate there for dinner, I ordered the roasted red bell pepper stuffed with wild rice, mushrooms, chickpeas and topped with curry sauce. This time, only the brunch menu was available, and the only vegetarian option was homemade granola with almond milk or natural yogurt. 

I wasn’t expecting that much for the simple granola lunch, but boy, it was tasty. This was - gasp - my first real time ever having granola, and it was delicious. I ate the whole bowl (hah! take that, eating habits). The granola tasted of cinnamon, and I spotted shredded coconut, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds among other things. I’m convincing myself that it does not matter if they used sweetener to make the granola, or that the whole bowl was probably more than a full-cup serving. It does not matter! 

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