" The pain that you have been feeling can not compare to the joy that is coming. "

I am officially back on student council.
And I may have ran up the most votes over anyone else in the process.
And later I’m going to my most favourite girl’s party before she leaves for school in England next week.

Today is so good! I am so happy!

Anonymous:  I allowed myself to buy clothes labelled 'large'. I am so proud of myself, I look and feel so good :)

This is a very important message and is very dear to my heart. Clothing sizes are inconsistent and ridiculous, anyways.

Anonymous:  Damn girl you look hot

DAAAANG you’re sweet

Anonymous:  What do you think about muslims? Dont angry me i just wonder

I am nowhere near learned enough on the subject of Muslims to make any sort of comment! I am tolerant of all religions.

Anonymous:  when i see pictures of your tiny portions of food i find it hard to believe that you eat 2500+ calories a day. i'm sorry, but i'm just so afraid that all of the people in recovery that i trust are just lying about their intake

Tiny portions? Lying? Sorry, friend, but it’s not your concern what anyone else in recovery is eating - your only concern is that you eat enough for your recovery.

In regards to your question, I eat loads of food, and you really have no basis for your worry, as I barely post what I eat anyways.

Anonymous:  how are you able to eat only two squares of chocolate? if i was to buy a 100 g dark chocolate i would eat the whole thing :-(

Who said I only eat two squares?!

Trust me - I live and breathe chocolate

Anonymous:  Are you muslim ?

No, I am not!