Anonymous:  I just wanted to say thank you! This blog and your amazing words have helped save my life before my habits got any worse. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my family, friends and I owe you everything

You should thank yourself for finding the strength to regain your life. You are doing all the hard work here! Hugs n’ kisses to you. 

Anonymous:  Hey Grace. My family doesnt accept my healthy eating and my working out :( They think I'm aneroxic, but all I do is eat healthy and workout... please help me what should I do? We get into an argument almost every day :(

Hey, baby! I know it’s hard, but, please give yourself a little self-assessment. Are you sure your actions are healthy? It’s possible your routines or habits are totally fine, I just have to ask you, as this is the internet and I don’t know your day-to-day life. 

Your family could be worried for a reason. I went into my eating disorder the innocent way, working out and eating healthy, then completely clean, then restrictively. I never noticed the gradual downhill slope until I was hospitalized. I did not understand my parents’ worries. I swore it was normal, it was okay. 

Anorexia is a mental condition. If you have a real fear of non-healthy food, or food that you believe will make you gain weight, there’s something wrong. If you can’t handle a break from your workout routine, that’s also a warning sign.

That being said, if you are healthy in your ways and you’re simply having a rough time with your parents, approach them kindly and ask them to have a chat. Stand up for whatever your beliefs and/or morals are. Bring an argument (not a fight, but a set of points and knowledge) to the table. Ask them gently to see your side of things. Worst case scenario, you all come to a compromise. A little less working out won’t ruin your lifestyle, I promise! Nor will a little less clean eating. 

Anonymous:  I was just looking through your "my face" link and OH MY GOSH YOU ARE SO SO BEAUTIFUL. Like looking at your smiling face reminds me of a sunny warm day when you're driving in a car with the windows down and your favorite song comes on. Ik thats really corny but thats what you remind me of. You are a bucket of sunshine and looking at your blog makes me happy



Thank you from the very bottom of my heart, just wow. I’M DEAD

Anonymous:  Hi Grace :) I was wondering if with recovery your constant thoughts about food have lessened or stopped? This is a big thing for me and I hate to think I'll have those thoughts forever...

My obsessive food thoughts have almost completely vanished! I barely think of it at all anymore. Keep eating, and eating enough, and fighting hard every day - you’ll get there. 

Anonymous:  Do you still eat snacks resp. stick to a meal plan? If so what kind of snacks do you like?

I do not stick to a meal plan, no! I do love snacks, though. These are all good snack ideas that I enjoy:

-Cereal or muesli with milk of choice, and fresh fruit
-Dried dates and a banana/apple/other fruit with peanut butter/tahini
-Toast topped with PB & jam, or PB & banana, fresh fruit, and/or a glass of milk of choice
-Toast topped with avocado and tomato/cucumber and S&P
-Clif bar and a piece of fruit
-Trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, maybe some chocolate)
-Muffin and fresh fruit or a hot drink
-Veggies (carrot, cucumber, grape tomatoes) with hummus
-Smoothies (banana + milk of choice + fruit of choice + optional greens)
-Plain organic corn chips with salsa

Anonymous:  today I discovered I have ednos. My anxiety is also bad right now because it's the middle of the night, I'm crying, I'm terrified of lightning and I am constantly telling myself that my boyfriend deserves a girl who isn't an emotional, thin-obsessed monster. I need help.

I’m sorry for getting back to you so late, babe. I hope you got through the night okay.

Your diagnosis does not make you a monster. You are far from a monster. You are a beautiful, capable, wondrous human being who will kick ass in any shape or with any size.

Now that you’ve been diagnosed, use it to your advantage. Realize that this is a life-threatening problem, and then stop it in it’s tracks before it gets any worse. You can take baby steps to start your road to recovery. I believe in you. You have the power to eat enough every day. I would hate for you to live in such a tortured place forever and miss out on the opportunities of this existence.

Anonymous:  hi you make me smile

Thanks for starting my day off with a grin. I’m ever so grateful for this little hello. Love ya!