Anonymous:  i live in montreal and when you visit you NEED to go to this secondhand store called eva b. google it up yo! its cheap and they give you free little lemonade glasses and homemade seasoned popcorn in little paper bags. the also have a cafe and it looks super neat in there, plus they have some awesome thirfty clothes.

Can I say that one more time?
To Montreal.

We will definitely check out Eva B! Thank you so much for the recommendation!

Anonymous:  Does walter have a girlfriend? If so does she mind that you kissed him?

Walter has been with an on-off girlfriend for a long time. When we kissed they were more off than on, but Walter does that sort of stuff all the time. It is pretty complicated. ANYWAYS, not gonna delve into personal stuff here

Anonymous:  describe a few more!! :)

Neria is not my super close friend, but she is my idol. I met her at the beginning of grade 10, as she was going into grade 12, also her final year of the IB programme. She was one of the three executives of student council. I immediately fell into adoration with her unusual name, clothes, red hair, hazel eyes, freckles, life, intellect, and achievements. I wanted (and still want) to be Neria. Over the year, she treated me with extreme kindness and almost a mentor-like protection. We grew close over student councils, but also over parties with our friends. She was so ADULT and glamorous and smart and she made everything look amazing. She was born in France, her parents had worked all around the world, she was learning Italian during her lunch periods. She had a serious boyfriend. She rode horses. She travelled the country for debate tournaments because she was that good. And then, she won a huge scholarship to Cambridge University - the level of accomplishment she has reached is beyond words. I have not seen her since the end of the school year, for she went to freakin’ ITALY to live on a FARM and practice speaking ITALIAN. She is my goddess, my queen. I love Neria.

Leah and Lauren are twins who look alike yet different. I have known them since grade 6, but we were closest throughout junior high. Now, our friendships are truly rekindling once more. Brown haired, grey-eyed, drop-dead gorgeous. Boys have always wanted to win over the twins. Their bedrooms are filled with shrines to makeup and fashion; the walls absolutely covered with instax photos of friends giggling and being teen queens. Leah and Lauren make me feel comfy, at home. We go out for breakfast I buy Lauren brownies when she is on her period, we watch movies, I drop everything and go over to hug Leah when her boyfriend calls a break.

Emily is a total rocket. She has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, plays the trumpet in my friends’ seven-piece-band, and she is going to music school this fall. We share the exact same birthday, as we learned the first time we met each other. This year on our birthday, we burned around the city in her car, and bought each other the same record then swapped. We talk frequently about being Gemini and how much we love our lives.

Anonymous:  What is the story of your first kiss? Your best kiss? A kiss you'd like to have?

My first kiss does not really count because it was during a drunken game of spin-the-bottle. Honestly, I have kissed many people during spin the bottle, but none of them matter, nor do I remember them. The only other kiss I have had was also while drunk, with Walter, and it was pretty gross and sloppy - I like not to think about it.

A kiss I would like to have is simply one had while sober, where I feel passionately about the person I am kissing, and they feel the same about me.

Anonymous:  I seriously love the drawings you've done for journals and such. Like if you had a separate tumblr dedicated solely to your art, I would follow the shit outta it. :P

That would be cool, but for now, I will keep on posting my doodles here! Thank you for such an awesome compliment.

Anonymous:  IM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!!!! I luv u! u rock! keep being superb! (can I have ur autograph plz) *~*~*~*~**~

Is this a joke

Or are you just an incredibly amazing and kind person

Anonymous:  Where are you staying in Montreal?

We will be staying in a hotel sort-of near Rue Sherbrooke? I know nothing about the geographic layout of Montreal SOS

Anonymous:  a day you pass doing nothing or resting is called a TBT sweetie, throwback Tuesday. slang up.

Golly, you learn something new every day